Raphael Perret

Raphael Perret is a Zurich based artist, exploring the interplay between physical and virtual spaces, the closing of cir­cles, as well as the examination of value systems. He holds a Bachelor in Interactive Media and a Master of Advanced Studies in Scenography. He has taught at the Interaction Design department of the Zurich University of the Arts. His art projects have been shown worldwide in places like Gwanju (South Korea); Rio de Janeiro and London.

After having worked for about ten years in the field of electronic art, he felt the urge to know more about what happens with old machines. He felt the constant urge and desire for the next version, update, release... you name it – though of course, one never reaches that point of satisfaction because there is always a newer, better version coming out. This is one side of the coin and it was time for him to look into the other side, the dark side of the chip.


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