Contributors 2016

hcv has a background in sociology and some in Vienna. He jobs mostly in the field of political education. Works with works councils. Engaged in social movements. 2011 he had a multimedia handbook published on social movements and social media. The last few years he is researching the precarious situation of employees in the digital age.

Cristina Cochior (RO/NL) is a researcher and designer working in the Netherlands. With an interest in automation practices, disruption of the interface and peer to machine knowledge production, her practice consists of research investigations into technical and bureaucratic knowledge sharing systems.

Daniel's interests cover issues of governance, accountability and ethics in forms of science, technology and organisation. He draw on ideas from ethnomethodology, science and technology studies (in particular forms of radical and reflexive scepticism, constructivism, Actor-Network Theory and the recent STS turn to markets and other forms of organising). His research is ethnographic in orientation. In particular he is interested in the question of how entities (objects, values, relationships, processes and also people) become of the world.

Emilio Vavarella (IT/USA) was born in Monfalcone (Italy) in 1989. He graduated summa cum laude from both the University of Bologna with a B.A. in Visual, Cultural, and Media Studies, and from Iuav University of Venice with an M.A. in Visual Arts and study abroad fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul. Emilio’s work has been recently shown at: EYEBEAM, ISEA, SIGGRAPH, GLITCH Festival, Media Art Biennale, European Media Art Festival and Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has been published in: ARTFORUM, Flash Art, Leonardo and WIRED.

Evan Light is a longtime researcher and activist working in communications policy, wireless communication, surveillance and privacy. He was recently a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University's Mobile Media Lab in Montreal. As of July 2016, Evan will be an assistant professor of communication at Glendon College, York University in Toronto, Canada. Evan holds a PhD in communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Born 1985 in Sindelfingen, Germany. 2006-2011 academic studies of visual art in the time-based and computer-based art class by Ulrich Wegenast at the Free Art Academy Baden-Württemberg. 2011-now working as a media artist freelancer.
Since March 2012 teacher for interactive installations and online media at FKBW. 2013 Workshops in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Felix Stalder teaches digital culture at the Zurich University of the Arts, researches at the World Information Institute in Vienna and a moderates , a critical nexus of the discourse on net culture, since 1995. His work focuses on the intersection of cultural, political and technological dynamics, in particular on new modes of commons-based production, copyright and transformation of subjectivity. He's the author/editor of numerous books, among other "Manuel Castells and the Theory of the Network Society" (Polity Press, 2006) "Deep Search.

FICTILIS is the collaborative practice of Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau. We make projects.

Our projects tend to arise out of our relationships — to each other, and to our communities and surroundings — and are intended to both reflect and affect these relationships. We sometimes bring other artists, non-artists, and community groups into our collaborations and create new relationships.

Fieke is a PhD Candidate at the Data Justice Lab of Cardiff University. Where she looks at the impact of data driven decision making on society. Prior, Fieke worked on issues around politics of data, privacy and digital security at Tactical Tech and Hivos. She is interested in understanding the new spaces, gray areas and changing dynamics that technology bring to the world.