Program 2016

Friday 27.05.

09:30 – 10:45

Great food provided by Taro & Martina


11:00 – 11:40

In Italian Mannerism and Baroque painting tradition, the depiction of clouds was having a precise reference to theological meanings. Similarly, cloud computing is a metaphorical term for hosted services on Internet, which is inspired by the imaginative unreachability of clouds in the sky. By examining images of clouds in fine art painting, we would like to emphasize how different ways of theological knowledge has been conceived, imagined and represented, crossing over into fields of history, religion and philosophy, and how that visual heritage reached us nowadays.


12:00 – 12:40

Twitter is awash with rubbish. Aside from annoying or uninteresting content, there is the intentionally bad: tweets that are posted when one community is thrown together with another community with conflicting goals. For example, fascists take exception to feminists and a pile-on ensues. This dynamic is exacerbated by the fact that Twitter is a largely unmoderated platform.


13:00 – 13:45

What is the feasibility of citizen science-based approach to synthesizing hormones? How can the recontextualization of laboratory biochemistry to an open source recipe outline the esoteric procedures and knowledge that are required to carry out such a process? Can we look to bio-technoscientific capabilities for eradicating gender binaries in human society? What does this say to the current reproductive havoc on aquatic species as a result of endocrine disrupting compounds in industrialized coastal zones?


14:00 – 15:05

We create metadata all the time - when we send emails, use chat apps, post pictures online, surf the internet or even just walk around with our mobile phones in our pockets. But what exactly is metadata? Who else has access to the metadata you create? And what could someone find out about you based purely on the metadata traces you leave behind?

Image: The White Room. Nervous Systems Exhibition Berlin HKW
Photo: Andrea Figari / Tactical Technology Collective.


14:00 – 17:00

Estrogen is the most ancient of sex hormones. Therefore the mutagenic effects of environmental estrogens disrupt species across all animal taxa. In response to the ongoing molecular colonization of xeno-estrogens on human and non-human species, the project aims to demonstrate how our collective mutagenesis necessitates civil action. The workshop will show participants how xeno-estrogens can be detected in local water sources through using recombinant yeast estrogen screen (YES) containing human estrogen receptor (HER).


In this workshop the programmer and live-coder Hlödver will give a quick tour of his live-coding application Panaeolus, based on Clojure and Csound. All material for installing the (free) software will be provided. After the participants have the programs set up, we will join together and create some networked noise/music/techno. Forehand experience with programming is not a requirement but forehand experience with music theory may come in handy. The ideas of building musical patterns in Panaeolus can be helpful for audio hackers using Supercollider/PD for audio synthesis.



Main topics covered in this workshop: #Internet Physicality; #Geopolitics of the Internet; #Internet Backbone Providers (NSP); #Internet Service Providers (ISP); #Communication technologies & CO2 emissions; #Online Tracking; #Data Brokers; #Cookies; #Data Privacy; #TOR


14:00 – 17:30

A 2 days workshop by Wolfgang Spahn

Can you imagine to create a sound composition out of electro-magnetic pollution?

Every motor, solenoid and coil produces an electro-magnetic field. These fields exist inside as well as outside of these devices, although the latter would not be necessary to ensure their function. Yet, we can detect them there. Sometimes we even experience this electro-magnetic pollution because it is disturbing our telephones, stereos or radios.


15:00 – 16:30

Data fornicates, replicating at quantum speeds, multiplying our traces, sold to the highest bidder or even leaked for free. Be part of a digital data funeral and attempt to escape datafication in the form of a ritual of deletion. This embalming event invites you to cast your data in resin, your memories irretrievably crystallised in a relic for you to take home.

Participants need to bring a own laptop.

No prior knowledge or material is necessary.


17:00 – 18:00

What information is your phone transmitting to others without you realising it? Or, what could someone find out about you if they picked up your phone? This hands-on session will take you below the surface of your mobile phone: how it works, and how you can make it more secure. We will look at apps and operating systems (iPhone, Android and feature phones); browsers and settings; and which messenger apps you can use to communicate more securely.
Dein Mobiltelefon beherrschen


17:30 – 18:45

19:00 – 21:00

For two Hours 8 Artists are welcome to present their work.
15 min time.

Line up:
Aneta Stojnić, Marina Gržinić,
Adnan Hadzi,
Anne Laforet,
Joana Moll,
Michaela Lakova,
Yoav Lifshitz,
Raphael Perret,
Richie Cyngler


21:00 – 23:00

Connect to SSID (WIFI Signal) and browse to

Presentation, Exhibition, AMRO Showcase

21:30 – 22:00

"Chelsea" is a performance for and about Chelsea Manning. By mixing a personal conversation with online documentary material, the performance points at a few issues around data, gender, repression of hackers and whistleblowers, etc while also symbolically performing care as gratitude towards Chelsea Manning.


22:00 – 22:30

This performance project follows in the tradition of Alvin Lucier's 1965 EEG performance enabled *Music For Solo Performer* . However this piece is specifically designed for group performance and relies upon current hardware and software.


Breath is an interactive light and sound installation/performance, operated by human breath. As a wind instrument, this work has been developed to control sound and light with human breathing, made of DIY circuits and


23:30 – 24:15