Program 2018

Saturday 19.05.

00:00 - 24:00

The students were asked to develop a documentation format for AMRO or some aspects of its programme.


Spreadkom is an alternative communication system. It avoids the use of a network based on a central operation unit, like radio waves, mobile phones, GPS or the internet, and emphasizes alternative ways of communication and orientation without relying on standard technology that permits all sorts of abuse through the possibility of tracking or spying.


09:30 - 10:45

Local and great food provided by Taro & Martina


12:00 - 16:00

The workshop has been inspired by the art project Data Shop, which questions the privacy of personal data and growing monetization, and hence, also surveillance.


13:00 - 17:30

Nam June Paik is known for manipulating a TV set with a magnet. One might think that after we abandoned monitor tubes, the combination of TV and magnetism must be gone as well.


13:00 - 16:00

This showcase is about alternative communication systems that are not dependent on traditional ways of communication.

AMRO Showcase

16:00 - 18:00

Florian's research method heavily relies on mapping to both gather and manage information.


This is a Workshop addressed to those who have concerns with Media Art, Digital culture, Critical Economy, Electronics and Internet of Things (IoT).


17:30 - 18:45

Great food provided by Taro & Martina


19:00 - 20:30

In “Page of Swords” we will juxtapose the propaganda of the tech industry with small yet meaningful proposals for change.


22:00 - 24:00

"Void" is a sound performance that explores the range of frequency in an empty space.


Oscilloscope Music is audiovisual music, where the visuals are drawn by the sound.


Barcode DJs is an AV performance played on pieces of trash with barcodes, as a symbol of the identification of goods of consumerism and waste production.


Software Defined Radio (SDR) detects sound by an antenna and converts it with an analog-to-digital device to a data-stream.


“pointillism” is a solo live-coding performance in Pd.